We love piggies at our daycare. Kirsty rescued a pig and brings him to work with her. Mr. Wilbur the Pig & Olaf.

We have other pigs who stop by for daycare and boarding and it is great socialization for them. Pigs are highly intelligent, curious animals who engage in complex tasks and form elaborate, cooperative social groups.

They can be quite destructive at home should they get bored. Daycare is a great space for them to meet other animals, people & kids. Pigs are kept in our small dog room.

Wilbur is so well socialized with people, kids and dogs. His favorite are the cats.

We have multiple rooms for pigs should the piggy’s not get along.  

Rates are the same as dogs. You can bring your own bedding for them as well as food and veggies.

Pigs love to snuggle and bury themselves in lots of blankets and pillows.

We will happily set them up in a comfy space away from the bigger dogs and they can dream of all the food they like.

We have a fridge to keep their fresh veggies and fruit that you bring them. Daily walks in the neighbourhood should you request.