Let the Adventure Begin

Welcome to Vancouver’s Premier
Dog Daycare!

Adventure Den proudly presents Vancouver’s premier dog daycare facility, offering unparalleled care and the city’s largest outdoor play area, ensuring your furry family members receive the best attention any time they need it!

Mindful Supervision

Your dog is always in safe hands with our team of devoted dog lovers, ensuring they enjoy playtime, romps, and strolls

Expansive Outdoor
Play Area

Offering Vancouver’s largest outdoor play area, our facility provides ample space for your dog to exercise, socialize, and explore freely

Personalized Care

We customize our care to each dog’s unique needs, ensuring a balance of energetic play and peaceful rest for a comfortable, contented stay

Secure and Safe

Prioritizing your dog’s safety, our facility features advanced security measures, ensuring your peace of mind and your pup’s well-being

YouTube Footage

Feel connected with your dog through our recorded webcam access, letting you watch their adventures and friendships on YouTube

Where the pets get their own adventure!

a cute puppy

Discover the ultimate daycare adventure for your dog!

Get in touch for a tour and find out why we’re the top choice in Vancouver for dog care.